Trump Now Owns Obamacare

Trump Owns Obamacare


This is not that hard to figure out. President Trump a Republican has a Republican majority in both Congress and in the Senate. All of these Republicans campaigned on the promise that they had a better plan to provide Americans with healthcare than the coverage provided by Obamacare. Now we see that Republicans were lying to the American people for the last seven years. Continue reading…

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Trump Said USA Has Killers Like Putin and is Not Innocent

President Trump Interview with Bill O'ReillyImagine a president of the United States, in an effort to provide a positive impression of Russian leader Putin, saying: “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?” For the last 7 years, there has been an urban legend that Obama went on an apology tour when he was first elected. That has shaped right wing loyalists’ view of Obama in a negative way. Imagine if Obama had said on camera that America was full of killers, during his first few weeks as President. Would the right wing be okay with a liberal saying such a thing? Still it wasn’t Obama who made such an unpatriotic statement, it was Republican President Donald Trump! Continue reading…

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Is President Trump Taking a Vacation Already?


Trump first vacation West Palm

Trump 1st Vacation 2 Weeks Into Presidency

UPDATED: Trump Now on Vacation

On the Weekend of February 4th 2017, two weeks after becoming President Trump took his first vacation to West Palm. So far there has been no complaints heard from the right wing that was so exasperated every time Obama left the White House. If you see and complaints please share them in the comments section. We’d love to be wrong.

It has been a long couple of weeks for the new President. In a very short amount of time, he has achieved the lowest approval ratings ever for a new President. He has found ways to alienate both liberals and conservatives. He has inspired two different protests that have spread across the entire country. So what does President Trump need the most right now? How about some vacation time! Continue reading…

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Was George Bush Responsible for 9-11

Trump and Bush on 911For most thinking people when, or if there are attacks by terrorists, it is the terrorists that are supposed to get the blame. Not too sure if that is true for politicians in this polarized environment but, there is usually one rule. That is that Republicans blame Democratic Presidents when bad things happen, and Democrats blame Republican Presidents when bad things happen. Donal Trump threw traditional thinking out the window when he reminded Jeb Bush this week that in fact yes, his brother George W Bush was President with the twin towers were knocked down. Continue reading…

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Could Trump Hit Rafael Cruz With Birther Lawsuit

Trump-birher-lawsuit-ted-cruzIt might be that Donald Trump would like to be the only Republican in the primary that is good at proposing extreme right wing positions. Sure Rubio, and Bush are conservatives that would love to return the U.S. to social norms back to a time 60 plus years ago, but they are just not as pure as Cruz or Trump. The ideological purity that is Rafael Edward Cruz could be the biggest threat for Trump as he tries to secure the nomination. Continue reading…

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Chris Christie Fights Against Voter Fraud

Chris Christie Voter FraudAs usual, it is left up to the brave Republicans to fight against the very scary prospect of voter fraud. As we have seen in many states, the cheater loving liberals continue to try to make it easy for Americans to get access to the voting booth. Republicans who know if something is easy then it must be suspect and probably too easy for “those” people to be able to vote. This easy registration and easy access to the voting booth must be fought at all costs! Continue reading…

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Oklahoma Mayor’s Husband: A Joke to Dress In Sheets and Burn Crosses

oklahoma-mayor-husband-kkk-burning-crossHow was your Halloween? Maybe better than that of the mayor of Lahoma Oklahoma, Theresa Sharp. While there can be those that argue that we are moving into a post racial America, or that the #blacklivematter protests are really just those uppity types trying to get special treatment, it is clear that there are still areas in which it is still considered alright to dress in white robes and to burn crosses.

Her husband, Cary Kent Sharp, was among a group of men found dressed in white robes and hoods around a bonfire when a Lahoma, Okla. resident called the police reporting the incident around 10:20 p.m. Saturday October 31st.

Continue reading…

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