America: A Christian Country

american flag with a white cross - Christian NationBe aware. At any moment there will be a new battle in the “War on Christmas” breaking out. Be aware. At any moment those tricky Muslim types are going to try to open a recreation center in some city. Be aware. In some state in which public money has been allocated to go to private schools some people from some heathen “religion” (see Jews) are going to request to participate. Be aware. Any time that God lets a Democrat win a presidential election the country is on a pathway to total destruction if not damnation.

Truth: America Has Never Been A “Christian Nation”

Perhaps one of the factors that has provided strength for the country has been the fact that an official religion has never been enshrined into the laws. To date in to documents, not the Bill of Rights or the Constitution has there ever been any exclusive or specific biblical or Christian legal ideology encoded.

What some on the conservative right might find interesting is how the laws that we live by came about. Most of the laws in America are based on English common law, the Constitution, Habeas Corpus Act, and the Bill of Rights. Even scarier these documents draw nothing from biblical ideology for government. In fact looking back these documents draw their inspiration from pagan Greek democracy and Roman law. America’s founding fathers also through a bit of philosophy from some such as John Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu, and Rousseau.

Perhaps knowing Republicans believe that facts, and science have a liberal bias there need to be more proof.

founding fathers christian nationHere is the clincher. The founding fathers that those on the conservative right consider to be the wisest men to perhaps ever to have lived did a terrible job if they meant for the U.S. to be a Christian Nation. Ever noticed that the words Jesus, Christ, or Christian were included nowhere in any of the nations initial documents? How could it be? How could these men from which after over two centuries we must revere screwed up setting into law that American’s should live based on Christian ideology.

Those on the left believe the founding fathers were very smart for a different reason. The true genius from the founding fathers was that they knew that they didn’t know everything. They knew that putting in place a way to update the laws was necessary so that as men learned from mistakes they could update the laws.

As for religion. The founding fathers turned out to be very smart to create a secular government and society. They put in place measures to make sure that religions would be allowed to freely operate while not being managed by the government.


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11 thoughts on “America: A Christian Country

  1. You must be deaf, dumb and blind. Where did you get these outrageous facts? Try looking up the true history of this nation before it was rewritten by liberals, atheists, and just plain liars. By the way, you might be surprised to find that this country is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

    • What do you mean the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 was made up by the English. Do a bit more studying and you will see that our U.S. Constitution was written by The Iroquois Confederacy .They asked us the Europeans to take a look at it. We did and Ben Franklin went and took notes. That’s where our Constitution came from not the English. What state did you attended school in?

  2. Who are the idiots who dispute these FACTS! the United States was founded on religious freedom the first settlers were fleeing religious persecution that’s first grade history. Did the founders of the country identity as Christian? Yes, but they also recognized the caustic and derisive nature of religion and decided that they would not let it corrupt the political system as it had in Britain. Separation of church and state. If you disagree with this then go join dahash.

  3. You are all wrong! This country was founded in racism, and built on racism. The very economic system that runs this country was built on the institution of slavery and for hundreds of years these so called Christians put racist laws in place to keep it that way. And had the nerve to sit in church and call themselves Christians. You let that soak in real good you fake ass Christians.

  4. You need to watch a movie called Monumental narrated by Kirk Cameron. It’s obvious to see you are not a follower of Jesus.

  5. These right wing fanatics can’t stand when separation of church and state get brought up. If they had their way we’d be no better than those extremists Muslim nations.

  6. We can nor more separate religion from a man than remove his beating heart and expect him to live. It is man’s belief that drives him; whether your religion is that of: in the Christ, evolution, or in narcissism. Man must believe to exist…Anyone saying otherwise is just a fool fooling only himself. Now- the question lies on what to believe. I chose a loving God, but be careful; don’t ever think that is my weakness!

  7. To be clear, the original post does not deny that individuals have a right to their spiritual beliefs and practices. It also does not deny that American culture is not greatly influenced by Christianity. Nor does it deny that a great many Americans have been Christian and continue to identify as Christian. It merely underscores the that the United States government itself is not Christian. It underscores our country’s founders’ deliberate insistence on the separation of church and state. The James Madison’s wise quote in the post is, “Religion and government will both exist in greater purity the less they are mixed together.”

  8. I’ve studied the founding fathers extensively red many biographies those statements are not in any of those books those are completely made up it is interesting to note that it was common of that era to write in the year of Our Lord Etc they went to the step further in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ

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