Chris Christie Fights Against Voter Fraud

Chris Christie Voter FraudAs usual, it is left up to the brave Republicans to fight against the very scary prospect of voter fraud. As we have seen in many states, the cheater loving liberals continue to try to make it easy for Americans to get access to the voting booth. Republicans who know if something is easy then it must be suspect and probably too easy for “those” people to be able to vote. This easy registration and easy access to the voting booth must be fought at all costs!

Chris Christie Vetos Automatic Voter Registration Bill

The legislation that Christie had to veto would have added 1.6 million new voters to New Jersey’s state’s voter rolls. For some reason, the legislature in New Jersey continues to pass these voting laws despite Christie repeatedly making it clear that he does not support making it easier for residents of his state to vote.

Christie said: “In New Jersey, we have early voting that are available to people, I don’t want to expand it and increase the opportunities for fraud.”

Just like Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and so many other Republicans, it is clear that Republicans have found a way to help give themselves an edge to win elections. Republicans know that Democrats are poorer wage earners that have much more difficulty getting paid time off to spend the time to register, and then find the paid time off to vote on Election Day.

Making it a two-step process to vote means fewer Democratic voters will vote. Aside from making it harder to register, making it take hours on Election Day (in certain districts) to vote helps eliminate potential voter fraud democratic voters from voting.

It isn’t like Republicans have a history with looking like they might have a touch of racism in their ranks. No doubt Republican politicians are fighting the good fight against voter fraud and not trying to find ways to keep “those” people from having an easier time voting.

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