David Gregory Replaced by Chuck Todd as Meet the Press Host

chuck todd replaces david gregoryFor those that don’t remember back in 2007 David Gregory was filmed on stage with MC Rove dancing to rap music (video available below the fold). Moments after this video swept through the internets liberals and democrats found it hard to trust that Mr. Gregory was going to give the left side of arguments a fair shake on Meet The Press.

Of course because Dancing Dave was on NBC he was by default never going to be trusted by the reactionary right in the U.S. If there is one thing more predictable than Republicans out of hand being opposed to anything President Obama wants to do it is those on the right reflexively not trusting anything not broadcast on Fox News.

To our way of thinking this was the primary reason that during David Gregory’s time hosting, Meet The Press went from being the number one watched Sunday news program to being the least watched show.

Video of David Gregory Dancing with Karl Rove

How Can Chuck Todd Improve MTP Ratings?

Let’s see if we can guess who the guests will be the first time that Chuck Todd hosts. Mmmm…. Maybe John McCain? Other likely candidates include Michael Rogers,  Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, Charles Schumer, Rand Paul,Ted Cruz and maybe a beltway “insider” reporter to spout the talking points of one side or the other.

Seems that the other Sunday shows already are doing this show each week. Perhaps Chuck Todd could be bold and try something different. How about going in a different direction all together? How about doing shows in which non-famous experts in fields of study are brought on to tell TV audiences facts based on research or science?

So often when you have politicians on the show you just get each parties talking points regurgitated. Are audiences really being given any new or useful information from which to make voting decisions?

How about Meet the Press has a discussion about the conflict in Gaza and instead of someone from the right coming on to say President Obama is clearly to blame for every bad thing that is happening and not to be given credit for anything good that happens MTP does something different? Maybe Chuck Todd brings on academics that explain the history of this conflict. They could explain how over the last few years each side has in fact acted in ways not in the best interest of peace.

Of course Republicans claim that science, academics, and facts are left wing conspiracies. This new move to broadcast facts without spin could be risky. There might be a drop of some of the more extreme right that tune in each Sunday. More likely more on the right will see the show and segments than they have since Tim Russert passed away. Nothing gets the right cranked more than getting to play segments of a show in which they can complain about the lame stream media being mean to them or their point of view.

Come on Mr. Todd! Be bold!

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