Global Warming Hoax

Global warming is realEvery time winter comes to the northern hemisphere it means that the time is right to hear the chorus of climate change deniers that scream that because winter is cold it must mean there is no global warming. This reflects common thinking when it comes to the Republican mind. The thinking is this. If whatever bad thing happening is not happening to me or to people that I personally care about it isn’t happening. This thinking is demonstrated when conservatives learn they have a gay child. All of a sudden the “marriage is sacred” people start to get a bit more open minded.

See while the northern part of the globe is having winter that means the southern half is having summer. Any chance any on the right have seen the weather happening while the Australian Open is happening? Temperatures down under topped 42C (108F) at the Australian Open on Tuesday, and the forecast calls for temps to be the 100’s all week. Because these record breaking temps are not happening to American Republicans they are not important, and not to be used when talking about how the globe is warming.

Do you have any idea how many scientists published peer-reviewed articles regarding climate change in the past year? There were 2,258 climate change articles published by 9,136 authors from November 2012 through December 2013. Have any idea how many of those articles suggested that global warming was a hoax? There was one.

2013 scientists that published global warming

I am starting to wonder just how much corporate money paying for Fox News and other conservative media can continue to convince people that the science on the issue of global warming is split.

Turns out that while .0109 percent of peer-reviewed scientists are deniers of climate change, 30 percent of the members of the United States House of Representative and Senate are deniers. Maybe not too big of a shock that ALL the elected officials in Washington that deny global warming are Republicans.

These Republicans despite what some Democrats think are not stupid people. They have to have noted the amount of scientific uniformity around the idea of global warming. So why are Republicans so willing to go out and lie to their constituents? The reason is probably not money. After all if a politician doesn’t get money from energy companies interested in delaying climate change legislation they can get money from some other group. Nope the reason that today’s conservatives do not care about global warming is that they are not worried about the people that will pay the price.

Republican thinking is that global warming will not hurt people today, will not hurt their kids, and will not hurt their grand kids. Do they care about great grand kids or maybe a generation beyond that? Of course not. They will never know those people so those people’s problems are of no concern. Empathy for other people is not the best strength of conservatives. The conservative thinking is to set up rules and laws around the idea of I am going to get mine and to hell with other people. Let them worry about their own.

Too bad global warming can’t be like a Republican having a gay kid.

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  1. Attention Republicans and Fox:

    Records tumble as heat wave grips Northern California

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