Obama A Socialist or Fascist for Using Executive Orders

Obama-signing-executive-orderMoving into 2014 it is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is getting frustrated with his failures. The President has been completely unable to manipulate the Republican majority in congress to pass any meaningful new laws. Because Republicans have been so strong at using the filibuster in the Senate and have decided that the House of Representatives is better passing fewer bills than any other congress in history the Democratic President has no hope of getting anything done.

With the State of the Union speech that was just delivered  it has become ever more clear that President Obama has decided to forget his constitutional limitations and is going to try to become a dictator and to rule by executive fiat.

Obviously Presidents Using Executive Orders is Unconstitutional

If political observers are paying most of their attention to the Republican media bubble that includes Fox News, Drudge, right wing radio, or other conservative blogs this is the opinion you have been asked to believe.

Here is a secret that Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest do not want their viewers to know. President Obama has in fact utilized the use of executive orders less than any President in over 100 years.


Source: Maddow Blog


Could be you are still confused. Might be you are saying but but but but that is daily average. Perhaps if you break it out based on executive orders issued on average by year. Maybe this chart will help you out a bit more.


The above chart reports how each president stretching back to the beginning of the 20th century has used executive orders on average each year. The information for this chart is relevant through January 15, 2014. The  blue columns report Democratic presidents and the red columns represent Republican presidents.

Do you see what we see?

Yep turns out that not only have both the previous Bush Presidents issued on average more executive orders than Obama, it turns out that saint President Reagan used the executive order way more than Obama has. Turns out that this is a typical political tactic. Politicians that you like are strong leaders for doing the same thing that you hate politicians you disagree with for doing the same things.

Much in the way that Republicans don’t trust science because science doesn’t jive with reproductive claims or global warming trends Republicans must get sucked into believing anything that they are told about President Obama. As the right wing media does their anti Obama work without the fear of any real fact checking from their audience we are left with a number of people that believe President Obama is doing something with executive orders that has never been done before.

This is exactly the type of information that you should make sure your Republican leaning family and friends learn about. They must not be allowed to continue believing these things.

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