Kansas Passing Gay Segregation Legislation

Trying for Most Anti-Gay State

segregation at a lunch counterOn February 11 2014 the Kansas the House of Representatives decided that they would approve a bill that when law will bring anti-gay segregation to the state. Using the fig leaf of “religious liberty” this very red political state is bringing back some very old school religion.  There is no stopping an extremely conservative Kansas Senate and then a Republican governor from enacting legislation that sounds much more like something from pre-civil rights times.

To understand how this works think like this. Kansas has decided to legally allow for segregation of gay people. How would it sound if you said instead: Kansas has decided to legally allow for segregation of black people? When are we going to see pictures coming out of Kansas of gay people getting harassed at lunch counters? Continue reading…

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Republicans Reduced To Deception to Raise Money

NRCC-Republican-CampaignsFor those in America that believe in the ideology and policy positions put forward by the Republican party this story might make you upset. If a political party’s positions are so popular or if their candidates are better options why would that party have to mislead, lie, or trick the public into making donations. That is the question that fans of the Republican party should be asking themselves today. As reported by Think Progress there are a number of pages being published online by the National Republican Congressional Committee that are designed to trick people into making donations to the Republican party instead of Democrats. Continue reading…

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Obama A Socialist or Fascist for Using Executive Orders

Obama-signing-executive-orderMoving into 2014 it is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is getting frustrated with his failures. The President has been completely unable to manipulate the Republican majority in congress to pass any meaningful new laws. Because Republicans have been so strong at using the filibuster in the Senate and have decided that the House of Representatives is better passing fewer bills than any other congress in history the Democratic President has no hope of getting anything done.

With the State of the Union speech that was just delivered  it has become ever more clear that President Obama has decided to forget his constitutional limitations and is going to try to become a dictator and to rule by executive fiat. Continue reading…

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Mitt A Netflix Original Documentary – Movie Review

mitt documentary movie reviewThe most recent political documentary is a move called Mitt. The movie follows Mitt Romney’s bid to win the U.S. presidency. The film makers were provided unprecedented access to track Mitt starting way back in 2006 when he first attempted to win the Republican nomination. The producers promised to reveal the man behind the sound bites with an authentic view that the public rarely gets to see.

Before starting the review. It always seemed that there was a significant similarity between Mitt Romney and Al Gore. People who watched the 2012 and 2000 campaigns must admit that both men seemed too buttoned up and serious. No hairs were out of place, clothes were always wrinkle free, jokes they told were not funny, and all their attempts to be like a regular guy made them seem even more tight. Continue reading…

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The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Is a Big Deal

Chris Christie Winning BridgegateWhen the initial news reports started coming out that the people within the top levels of the New Jersey Governor’s office were actually responsible for the closing of lanes leading into New York from the Washington bridge for political pay back  it was a big deal. In fact most of the cable news stations (except Fox News) started covering the story like it was the next White Water. As it seems to happen the networks, the beltway media, and others are missing the real implications. This story is yet another example of one of the core differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Of course the more news and revelations coming out of Jersey each day are helping to prove that Chris Christie decided to run his administration in such a way that cheap political paybacks were expected. These revelations could begin to diminish the Governor’s appeal among independent voters but this just might be the best move he could have made to win the Republican primary. Continue reading…

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Global Warming Hoax

Global warming is realEvery time winter comes to the northern hemisphere it means that the time is right to hear the chorus of climate change deniers that scream that because winter is cold it must mean there is no global warming. This reflects common thinking when it comes to the Republican mind. The thinking is this. If whatever bad thing happening is not happening to me or to people that I personally care about it isn’t happening. This thinking is demonstrated when conservatives learn they have a gay child. All of a sudden the “marriage is sacred” people start to get a bit more open minded.

See while the northern part of the globe is having winter that means the southern half is having summer. Any chance any on the right have seen the weather happening while the Australian Open is happening? Temperatures down under topped 42C (108F) at the Australian Open on Tuesday, and the forecast calls for temps to be the 100’s all week. Because these record breaking temps are not happening to American Republicans they are not important, and not to be used when talking about how the globe is warming. Continue reading…

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Black Teenage Unemployment Act

Art-Laffer-black-unemployment-actThere are few that follow politics that do not understand that the primary political strategy for Republicans going back to the late 1960’s is to convince white “working class” voters that the black people are taking advantage of them. The thinking, I think, is that white people’s taxes would be so much lower if only it wasn’t for those black people getting government subsidies. Those terrible, lazy, criminal, do nothing black people are taking advantage of you and you should vote for Republicans because we are the people who will set things straight.

Republicans are usually better at using dog whistles to let the “right” people understand what they are doing and what policies they support. Fox News mostly is  good at putting people on the air that understand the need to say things with winks and nods, and to not say things too plainly. Today former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer told Fox’s Happening Now panel that the minimum wage was just the “black teenage unemployment act.”  Check out the video: Continue reading…

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George W Bush Is For Extending Unemployment Benefits

George Bush and Republicans for UnemploymentHouse Republicans voted to extend unemployment insurance under President George W. Bush five times. Also, for some reason all five times that President Bush extended unemployment benefits there were no “pay-fors” required to pass the legislation. It is also conveniently forgotten by tea party and other Republicans that the program Democrats are looking to extend was a  Bush Era emergency unemployment benefits program.

Of course we expect hypocrisy when it comes to politics. It is hard to not believe on some level that Republicans currently believe that the more suffering they can inflict on Americans the better their chances are in elections. Continue reading…

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Republicans Unskew Obamacare Data

republican factsBack during the final weeks of the last presidential election in 2012 Republicans had decided that if there were facts that they did not like that those facts must be wrong. After living through four years of the conservative media bubble  informing them that President Obama hated America, he was socialist, Marxist, non-American, illegitimate, that he hung around with terrorists, and that he was on purpose trying to weaken the country it just could not be true that he was polling higher in the election. When every TV show that you watch and every person that you read online is in agreement that the President is the embodiment of evil then there is no way to explain more than 50% of the country wanting to vote for him.

Changing “facts” to suit a belief became the full time job for such luminaries as Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris, and well just about anyone that got face time at Fox “News”. They even had a 2012 version of  Joe the Plumber in the form of a man named Dean Chambers who got a few minutes of fame by publishing a website that promised right wingers that all the public polls were weighted to favor liberals and were lies. Now that the time has come for the Affordable Care Act to actually start insuring people the Republicans are finding that it is time again to “unskew” the numbers. Continue reading…

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Testing Welfare Recipients for Drugs

welfare drug testing marijuana budThe polling shows that just over 70% of people are for the idea of spending their tax dollars to drug test fellow citizens that accept welfare benefits. What this means is that it will be very difficult for serious members of either major political party to stand against this incredibly stupid idea. For sure this means that there is no chance that the Republicans will ever question the wisdom of this thinking. The reason?

Because Republicans have spent most of the last 100 years convincing hard working blue collar white people that it is the lazy “those people” that are living extravagantly on welfare programs. Increasing the feeling of victim hood among the middle to lower middle class whites that “those people” are getting over or away with something is the third leg in how Republicans get elected. The other two are Christian victimization, and bashing government shortcomings all of which there will be more about on this blog in the future. Continue reading…

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