Republicans Unskew Obamacare Data

republican factsBack during the final weeks of the last presidential election in 2012 Republicans had decided that if there were facts that they did not like that those facts must be wrong. After living through four years of the conservative media bubble  informing them that President Obama hated America, he was socialist, Marxist, non-American, illegitimate, that he hung around with terrorists, and that he was on purpose trying to weaken the country it just could not be true that he was polling higher in the election. When every TV show that you watch and every person that you read online is in agreement that the President is the embodiment of evil then there is no way to explain more than 50% of the country wanting to vote for him.

Changing “facts” to suit a belief became the full time job for such luminaries as Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris, and well just about anyone that got face time at Fox “News”. They even had a 2012 version of  Joe the Plumber in the form of a man named Dean Chambers who got a few minutes of fame by publishing a website that promised right wingers that all the public polls were weighted to favor liberals and were lies. Now that the time has come for the Affordable Care Act to actually start insuring people the Republicans are finding that it is time again to “unskew” the numbers.

Why Obamacare Facts Scare Republicans

In short what scares Republicans is the number 10 million. The fear is that 10 million Americans now have insurance coverage when before they did not.

You see there are different sites reporting different numbers when it comes to how many Americans now have insurance that previously didn’t. The thing here is that it makes no difference if the number of newly insured is 1 million, 6 million or 10 million. The reason? Because Republicans have spent five years convincing 30% of the country that President Obama is evil and 100% of what he does is to destroy the United States. If your constituents believe the lies you have sold regarding the President then it just can’t be true that his premier legislative achievement could actually help anyone.

For Republicans there being a net increase of people with health insurance can not be true. Ever since the summer of 2009 there has been a non stop drum beat that Obamacare will cost jobs, increase insurance rates (for those that aren’t dropped), and that hospitals might go out of business. Forget about the selling of Death Panels. In short the entire American economy and health industry was going to collapse. Anything short of the destruction of all things American means that the conservative media has spent the last four years telling lies.

This means that there can not be anyone benefiting from the law going in to affect.

For Those Interested in the Real Numbers:

  • 2.1 million people have purchased ACA health insurance from federal and state health care exchanges (As of January 3)
  • 4.3 million new people have been enrolled into Medicaid through the Medicaid expansion (verification)
  • 3.1 million young people under the age of 26 that can now stay on their parents plans

What is interesting is that the media is not giving Republican governors that are not joining in the Medicaid expansion a hard time. The best kept secret so far is that the number of Americans who have been prevented from getting health insurance because of Republican governors who declined the Medicaid expansion is now nearly 5 million people (verification).

Ready for the biggest secret? The Affordable Care Act is never going anywhere now. No matter how many Americans now have insurance that didn’t previously there is no way that a politician can run for office promising to take it away. It is the same reason that Republicans run for office promising to “fix” social security rather than what they really want to do.

Obamacare has done one thing that might never be able to be taken back by conservatives. That is from now on having health insurance in the United States is a right instead of a privilege. This is exactly the reason that Republicans are trying to “Unskew” the reported numbers of people getting insurance this month.

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