The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Is a Big Deal

Chris Christie Winning BridgegateWhen the initial news reports started coming out that the people within the top levels of the New Jersey Governor’s office were actually responsible for the closing of lanes leading into New York from the Washington bridge for political pay back  it was a big deal. In fact most of the cable news stations (except Fox News) started covering the story like it was the next White Water. As it seems to happen the networks, the beltway media, and others are missing the real implications. This story is yet another example of one of the core differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Of course the more news and revelations coming out of Jersey each day are helping to prove that Chris Christie decided to run his administration in such a way that cheap political paybacks were expected. These revelations could begin to diminish the Governor’s appeal among independent voters but this just might be the best move he could have made to win the Republican primary.

Governor Christie’s Rep Among Republicans Improves

Just a few days ago Christie’s chief political office Mike DuHaime told the Washington Post that the Governor was getting “positive, proactive” feedback from Republicans. Of course there is expected to be a certain amount of spin to come from a Christie spokes person but in this case the facts are backing him up.

Polling over the last week indicates the Republicans are actually starting to like Christie more. According to polling Christie now has 89 percent of Republicans approving of his job performance, up from 85 percent last month!

Here is what the elite news reporters should be noticing.

If Christie Stays Governor his Chances at Getting the Republican Nomination in 2016 Have Improved

To understand why this is true it helps to understand the way in which the Republican mind works. The first step is to understand that critical thinking, science, or facts have no place in “getting” how conservatives think.The second step is to understand that the starting point of Republican thinking is that they are the victims. For conservatives the whole system in America has been set up against them despite the continued belief that their ideology is 100% right all the time.

See a smart person might ask. If your ideas are always right, and the policies that you advocate for have always been the policies the strengthened America why is everyone against you? For Republicans TV News, Newspapers, movie stars, movies, pop culture, and just about everyone else for some reason wants America to become weaker. In the Republican mind the “lame stream media” hates them, their families, their guns, and of course America.

It is because this feeling of being the victim that Republicans have stopped caring about how their politicians get victories. It is from this position of a victim that Republicans now believe that getting what they want through “any means necessary” is just.

This has been demonstrated through Tom Delay changing the rules to draw new congressional districts, Senate Republicans using the filibuster unlike it has ever been, and the shortcuts used by Wisconsin Republicans used to screw over public unions.

This Bridge Scandal is a Big Deal because Chris Christie just proved that he is willing to do anything to get what he wants.

So long as Chris Christie has nothing impeachable show up there is enough time to still enter the primaries for the Republican party. Given that he has now demonstrated that he is comfortable “winning at all costs” his chances are much improved.

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