Trump Now Owns Obamacare

Trump Owns Obamacare


This is not that hard to figure out. President Trump a Republican has a Republican majority in both Congress and in the Senate. All of these Republicans campaigned on the promise that they had a better plan to provide Americans with healthcare than the coverage provided by Obamacare. Now we see that Republicans were lying to the American people for the last seven years.

Obamacare is Law of the Land

After the defeat of the Republican healthcare law, Speaker Ryan said that Obamacare was now the law of the land. President Trump said that this was a loss for Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. One statement is true and one is a lie.

Ryan is correct that Obamacare will continue as the law of the land.

Trump is wrong. Democrats no longer own every bad news story relating to the American healthcare system.

Every single time over the last seven years that Americans got a premium increase or insurance companies did nasty things to people the Republicans were able to blame Obama and the Democrats. Starting now that comes to an end. Today, the American healthcare system is truly bipartisan.

The President and the Republicans with their majorities had the complete authority to implement a different healthcare system. If President Trump, as he promised during the campaign had a plan that expanded insurance options for a lower cost there is no way that Obamacare would still be the law of the land.

What the Republicans have now proven is that they do not have a better option to manage healthcare in this country than that put in place by Obama and the Democrats.

Congratulations Democrats. It just became bigly more difficult for Republicans to hang negative healthcare results solely on the liberals.

Watch Trump Promise Repeal with His Election

Trump campaign Obamacare repeal quote:

“If you elect me along with a Republican House and Senate, we will also immediately repeal and replace the disaster that is Obamacare.”

Trump Failing or Lying?

So far President Trump has had three major failings. First he has been rebuffed by the courts as he tries to do an immigration banning executive order. Second, his people have now admitted that Mexico is not paying for a new wall along the border. Third, there is not going to be a repeal of Obamacare.

All this losing is in addition to confirmation that Trump’s team is under FBI investigation for working with Russian actors to manipulate and American election.

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