Was George Bush Responsible for 9-11

Trump and Bush on 911For most thinking people when, or if there are attacks by terrorists, it is the terrorists that are supposed to get the blame. Not too sure if that is true for politicians in this polarized environment but, there is usually one rule. That is that Republicans blame Democratic Presidents when bad things happen, and Democrats blame Republican Presidents when bad things happen. Donal Trump threw traditional thinking out the window when he reminded Jeb Bush this week that in fact yes, his brother George W Bush was President with the twin towers were knocked down.

But Bush Kept Us Safe

For over ten years now it has become fact within the conservative community that despite the largest successful attack on the homeland since Pearl Harbor happening while W. Bush was President, that W did in fact “keep us safe”. Usually this maneuver is accomplished by claiming that if Clinton had killed the right terrorist before he left office the 9/11 attack wouldn’t have happened so it is of course Clinton’s fault. Everyone for years has agreed that this is the correct talking point for Republicans to use. Then came Donald Trump.

Not only did he remind Jeb! that his brother was President during the 9/11 attacks during a live debate, he then doubled down and said it again two days later. Here is the video:

This is not exactly the first time that Trump touched the 9/11 topic. Way back in October 2015 Trump floated the idea that he might have been able to stop 9/11 had he been President at the time.

So far polling within South Carolina since the debate shows that Trump has not lost any serious support. It will be interesting over the next week to learn if Jeb Bush will fight Trump on the success or failure of his brother’s Presidency, or just crawl back to Florida to watch the general election on TV.


UPDATE: Polling Showing Who Republicans Might Believe:



It would be GREAT to hear if you think Trump will get away with blaming Middle East Problems and 9/11 on President George W Bush.

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