What True Conservatives Are Saying About Benghazi Hearings

hillary clinton benghazi hearing With so many in the lame stream media going on and on about how terrible the Benghazi Hearings were for Republicans and how great the hearing was for Hillary Clinton, it might worth hearing what the rank and file conservatives are saying online. These are the voices that are heard in the comment sections on Facebook and opinions on Twitter. All you have to do to hear these well reasoned, articulate, well informed voices speaking the obvious truth is to read it here on Live Like a Republican.

How Conservatives Think About HRC and Benghazi

To get started how about some thoughts from the luminary Ted Nugent and commenters of his Facebook Thread:

Ted Nugent: “If America has become so soulless & dumbedown to allow this America/freedom hating monster to continue her commie destruction of our country we will get what wedeserve. Tragic. She should be arrested, jailed, tried & convicted of treason. 4 dead Americans & a blazing trail of perjury is the condemning evidence of her criminal fraud, abuse of power, deceit & corruption. Damn her. Damn her all to hell.”

Commenter Matt Howard  The Hildebeast…yuck…Her and her cankles. What a disgusting communist hag.”

Commenter Ron Moore She is the picture of “out of touch D.C.” She would not be alive without her armed guards. She’s got to make a show for her other corrupt criminal supporters.”

Commenter Donald J Klimek Jr Amen Ted ….. can’t see how a criminal can even run for president……hell may as well elect Jane Fonda….bitches be crazy….”

Commenter Joseph Scelza I think she should be hanged in puplic in the town square United States should bring back public executions if we did it during the pilgrim error what makes it different now we should also be able to tar and feather people”

Commenter Mike Dalstra “The Hildebeast, the only animal Uncle Ted wouldn’t shoot, only because he’d have to touch it to clean it.”

Commenter Thomas Bogan “Ted, YES, America HAS been dumbed down that much. Liberal/leftists have been influencing the education industry for nearly 100 years and this is the result. They preach tolerance, of perversion, of lying, laziness, crime, and mediocracy. We NEED discrimination”

The Gate Way Pundit had an article posted titled Benghazi Victim’s Father on Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a ‘Scumbag.’ The title is quoting the father of Navy SEAL Glen Doherty who was killed in the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack. He said:

“She’s a scumbag, in my opinion. Well I think that she pulled all the troops out of the embassy, he had no backup. He burnt alive. She said it’s no big deal, it’s a big deal to me, he’s my son and I loved him.”

Interestingly, there is a second quote provided in the same article, but this one is from Barbara Doherty the former wife of Glen Doherty who said this regarding the hearings investigating Hillary Clinton:

“They’re looking at the wrong place. If you read carefully what was going on, many people made many mistakes, which is normal in confusion. After a few days, the facts were out, and they’re really chasing the wrong person. They’re hoping to defeat her and it’s not going to work.”

Luckily for the internet, this article allowed commentators to offer their views on the subject. Here is a sample:

Commenter Matthew H Allen I am a Democrat and I’ve notice that Hillary never really takes responsibility for anything. I’ve worked with a lot of women and it’s a trend which I find disturbing. I just can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary, she’s always making excuses. I have no love for the republicans.”

Commenter Shadwell Powers Hillary is self serving lying, duplicitous and vile creature. Everything this creature touches turns to shit. How many time has she been investigated or subpoenaed. Yet the ignorant and obese idiots in this country still want her as the POTUS. Sickening!!!!”

Not sure what this had to do with the Benghazi hearing but this commenter thought this was worth contributing to the discussion: Dick Moody Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for crimes against humanity for what they did to their fellow citizens at Waco, TX, on April 19, 1993. The Waco Massacre and church burning (it was not a “compound,” it was their church),was the most brutal, heinous violation of civil, human and Constitutional rights in this nation’s history. Innocent men, women and children were attacked with tanks, poison gas (CS gas turns to cyanide when heated) and burned alive.”

Now that you have had your eyes opened to the “truth” as seen from the right wing bubble, here is perhaps the most concise explanation of what happened in Benghazi from commenter Nick Georgalis: 

The way to understand Benghazi is to think of it in religious terms and not political terms. Then ask yourself – Why was the ambassador to Libya at a remote consulate rather than the embassy in Tripoli on 9/11? Was he set up by obama and hillary as a sacrifice to the muslims to atone for the killing of osama? Atonement is the killing of the innocent to appease allah and the muslims. Stevens was an innocent Christian with no blood on his hands. How many more such sacrifices will we see? The irony and the symbolism is that the ambassador’s first name was Christopher – which means a bearer of Christ. The killing of the ambassador was done on 9/11. It was preplanned. He had no security. The Seals that were with him were not assigned but volunteered. He feared for his life all along. He was clearly ordered to go to Benghazi which was an unprotected consulate. The weapons used were supplied by obama. The killing was a pagan ritual killing no doubt overseen by an imam and observed via remote by obama and hillary. It was done to atone for the killing of osama by obama. Symbolism is important to the low IQ and big ego muslims and this killing was full of symbolism including the name of the ambassador. When the protestors were screaming “obama, obama we are all osama’s now” – that meant that obama’s atonement for the killing of osama was accepted by the muslims. They now know that obama is once again one of them. This was the signal that ISIS needed to march and that is what they did with the blessings of obama and hilary. We are dealing with primitive savages and obama as well as hillary are one with them.

Perhaps it would be helpful for some of these obviously Fox News-informed Americans to at least have a touch of reality inserted into their lives.

Benghazi Investigation: The Facts

Over the last three years, Republicans have worked very hard to discover a political scandal based on the 2012 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya.
First, there was an investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Then an investigation by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Then more probes by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the House Judiciary Committee, the House Armed Services Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

After all of these investigations, there was no evidence exposed to implicate Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state during the attack. The Republicans in Congress created one more investigative opportunity: the House Select Committee on Benghazi that is now being chaired by Congressman Trey Gowdy.

After all of Gowdy’s hard work and after the committee interviewed Hillary Clinton for 11 hours, the Republicans have finally accomplished something.

The Republicans after all these years have clarified the truth about Benghazi: Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. The Republicans just can not stand it.

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